Water Filtration

From under-sink filters and house systems, to commercial and industrial filtration, Lambert & Torrens can offer you a wide range of water filtration solutions.

Maintaining water purity is important for ensuring safety for human consumption. Lambert & Torrens’ water filtration systems can improve the quality of water for households, offices, businesses and more.

If you struggle with hard water causing calcium build-up on showers and taps, have noticed an unpleasant smell in your tank or bore water, or simply want to taste the difference of professionally filtered water, Lambert & Torrens has a range of solution for you.

We work with some of the industry’s greatest brands, including Puretec and Grundfos. Our experienced team can advise, supply, and install a variety of water filtration systems, for any location type or circumstance. We also service what we sell to ensure your systems are long-lasting and reliable.