Onga Pumps and Products

Lambert & Torrens are proud suppliers of Onga Pumps and Products.

Onga has been servicing the Australian and New Zealand markets with the highest quality water movement products for over 40 years. Onga has a product to meet all your household water needs; from shower pressure systems to garden irrigation pumps – you can be guaranteed that an Onga pump will get the job done.

Onga’s Homemaster range leads the way in providing consumers with solutions targeted at improving water pressure levels for your home and garden.

They provide solutions for;

  • Household water pressure systems
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Garden irrigation
  • Pools

Lambert & Torrens can supply, install and service your home and garden pumps. For all your pumping solutions look no further than your local home pumping equipment specialists, Lambert & Torrens.

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