SJ Mechanical Switch Systems

SJ Mechanical Switch Systems

The SJ range of pressure switch models come with the Pressure Wave tank. The pressure tank stores water which can be used to fill a kettle or flush a toilet without the pump turning on, which saves energy and reduces wear and tear on the motor.

The pressure switch settings can be adjusted depending upon the installation to increase water draw all or reduce any pressure fluctuations caused by pump cycling. In areas where the voltage fluctuates or the electricity is prone to brown outs and spikes the mechanical switch is less likely to be damaged than the electronic switches.


  • SJ Motor & Pump
  • Stainless Steel 5 way tee*
  • Selection of pressure tanks
  • Pressure gauge included’
  • Plug 8t Play electrical lead
  • Check valve, ball valve 8: Teflon included*
  • 6 litres water draw off with 18L tank

WK10S kits only


  • Ideal for Home, Garden or farm
  • Suitable for evaporative coolers
  • Non-corrosive casing, tee & internals
  • Reduces pump cycling
  • Reduces weer 84 tear on motor
  • Energy efficient
  • Tolerates voltage fluctuations.

Pressure switch setting may have to be adjusted depending upon Site. Common tank and pump combinations listed. Loss of prime pressure switches are available.

Moulded Tee Water Kit Switch Setting Tank Water Draw Off
 SJ100-PS-T8  WK10P-30  15-30 psi  8 litre   2.7 litre
 SJ200-PS-T8  WK10P-40  20-40 psi  8 litre  3.0 litre
 SJ400-PS-T8  WK10P-40  20-40 psi  8 litre  3.0 litre

Stainless Steel Tee

Moulded Tee Water Kit Switch Setting Tank Water Draw Off
 SJ100-PS-T18  WK10S-30  15-30 psi  18 litre   6.0 litre
 SJ200-PS-T18  WK10S-40  20-40 psi  18 litre  6.7 litre
 SJ400-PS-T18  WK10S-40  20-40 psi  18 litre  6.7 litre