Bore Testing

Not testing your bore is like buying a house without seeing it first.

Lambert & Torrens have the experience and the equipment to properly test your bore whether it be small livestock bore delivering 20 litres/minute or an irrigation bore delivering 150 litres/second.


The importance of bore testing

No matter what the scale of your project is Bore testing should be your first step. Bore testing will determine your optimum flow rate and pumping depth, which in turn will dictate how many cattle you can water or how many Hectares of crop you can irrigate.

Pumps are designed to operate within specific operating parameters around water flow, and head. If you don’t test a bore you can end up with a pump that is too large (pumping a bore dry) or too small (wasting available water), both of which will cost you money.

Perhaps most important is the fact that even if you are in a good area this is no guarantee your bore will have any water. A simple bore test can save you from spending a considerable amount of money on a bore that has no water!

Why choose Lambert & Torrens

Being in the irrigation industry for 40 years means we have a strong understanding of the regions bore holes with extensive written records of a number of these bores and areas. Combined with in house specialist testing equipment we can give you the right advice before you embark on your next pumping project.

We also offer special rates on our testing for customers who then purchase their pump from us.